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Formatting Financial Statements

The preparation of statutory report and end financial period reports are formatted by Capital Growth Partners for compliant electronic submission to ATO and clients. It’s a core service.

Statutory Ledgers & Records

Capital Growth Partners maintains statutory records for clients and is on line with ASIC for seamless registration and reporting.

Computer Packages

Computer accounting capability and staff training is vital requirement for progressive business. Capital Growth Partners provides well known user friendly systems and staff training. This ensures that data entry and recording is compliant with benchmarked standards and convention.

Entity Planning

Any single person can form a private company for lawful reasons. The formation of a public company requires three directors. The form of a company can vary:

In the most common type, a company limited by shares, shareholders' liabilities are limited to the amount of the unpaid shares

A company limited by guarantee is generally used for clubs in which members' liability is limited by the company's memorandum of association to an amount that has to be contributed should the company be wound up;

A company limited by shares and by guarantee imposes a double liability on the shareholders, as they must contribute the value of the unpaid shares as well as whatever amount is specified in the memorandum of association should the company fold;


An unlimited company is an incorporated partnership in which the members are not limited in their liabilities;

A no-liability company is one in which shareholders are not bound to pay calls on their shares. This structure is restricted to mining companies

A proprietary limited company (private company) is limited to no more than 50 members and operates with restricted right of transfer of shares. A proprietary limited (Pty Ltd or P/L) company can neither invite the general public to subscribe for its shares or debentures nor take deposits from the public.

Joint Venture

Cooperation between two or more companies, countries or other entities, or between the public and private sectors, to construct or operate a project. Large joint ventures are common in emerging economies, where governments might seek the expertise and technology of industries in more advanced countries in exchange for access to new markets or other benefits. Joint-venture agreements can be complicated by cross-border differences in law, taxation and trade practices.

Individual & Sole Trader

In the legal and commercial sense the simplest of all entity - you the individual.


In the legal and commercial sense, money or property vested with an independent third party (the trustee) to administer on behalf of others (the beneficiaries of the trust).


Two or more individuals who have joined together to carry on a business, sharing in risks and profits. As partnerships are not incorporated, each of the parties shares equally in these risks and rewards and is liable for all the partnership's debts. Creditors of a partnership can claim on the partners personally; there is no limited liability for the partners as is available to shareholders of a limited liability company.

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