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Business & Corporate Advisory

Business valuations are usually mission critical for the client. Capital Growth Partners will work with you to provide business valuations, assist with the sale of businesses and provide advice on capital raising and restructuring. Our team is a well qualified adviser to small and mid-sized companies seeking a stock market listing.


Having the right finance package is crucial for a successful business. Capital Growth Partners provides conventional Accounting advice to it’s’ clients, however, in many of these instances there has been a requirement for specialised financial knowledge to assist in achieving successful financial outcomes. Many of these services are obtained directly from specialist external sources.

The aim is to provide alternatives to a business, identifying different options so that we can assist clients to identify and deal with their problems earlier, and at the least cost to the business and creditors. We can achieve this via restructuring of debts for companies whose current funding does not suit their requirements, by renegotiating a client’s position with their financier or providing assistance to get a business investment ready. A summary of the services offered by Capital Growth Partners, include the following:

Finance Restructure

Capital Growth Partners have a vast amount of experience in advising clients on appropriate financing structures for given asset levels.

Investment Strategies

Wealth and security is built by choosing the right investment strategy. Today there are a number of investment strategy choices available to the consumer. Consultation with our financial planning team will provide a clearer understanding of the way forward and result in personalised investment strategy suitable to your financial limits and expectations.

Business Planning

The formation of a business plan allows an individual or business to establish basic steps and ground rules on which to build for the future – it also provides an outline for banks and financial institutions to assess the viability and promise of a business.

Our ‘Business Check’ is an effective means of identifying the core competencies and value adding activities the business performs so that such activities can be refined to improve the ‘bottom line’.




Budget & Cash Flow Projections

Business is a continuous process of planning implementing, monitoring and reviewing. It's a matter of planning:

  • Enterprise management;
  • Resource management;
  • Self and staff management;
  • Risk management;
  • Marketing management; and
  • Information management
  • Effective business planning is about helping you achieve the goals you set for your business overall, and this can include goals for each of the above parts of your business plan. Specific goals help define where you want to go. Financial planning and control forms part of the overall process of business planning.

    Assets and liabilities

    The Statement of Assets and Liabilities will be prepared for you by Capital Growth Partners so we can calculate your net worth (the value of your assets, after subtracting your liabilities) and your equity (the percentage of your business which you own).

    Assets and Liabilities drawn up for tax purposes frequently provide very little information of value for making management decisions. Tax accounts generally don't include extraordinary reserves as an asset, unless the stock has been purchased. Yet this important asset needs to be included when making management decisions. Consequently it is necessary to value business assets at market value rather than at taxation values in order to draw up an accurate Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

    Cash flow projection

    Capital Growth Partners will prepare a cash flow budget for your business. These are necessary to be is available from a number of people, such as your bank manager, accountant, or consultant. Make sure you provide realistic estimates of your financial commitments, including interest and principal. If machinery and motor vehicles are due for replacement, then be realistic in including an allowance for that as well. However, as a general rule in difficult financial times, machinery or motor vehicles should only be replaced if it is absolutely necessary.

    Business Reconstruction & Insolvency

    We offer more than traditional insolvency advice; we find the answers and make them work. Specializing in assisting businesses that are facing financial difficulty or temporary setbacks our focus is on reaching the most workable solution for all parties involved. Services include voluntary administration services, liquidations and bankruptcy services, credit checks and debt recovery.

    Government Incentives

    Capital Growth Partners assists with submissions to statutory bodies for assistance and incentives as are applicable for client business.

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